Friday, November 25, 2011

Insatiable Has Moved!!

I just realized I've been writing posts on my new site without telling people who follow this one where I went! Ooooops. I've decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, so if you'd like to follow me there, you can find my new blog at:

or you can type in and it will take you to the same place.

Don't miss stopping by, please! So far I've put up new posts on two amazing eateries in town:

Naradeva Thai


 Delish NY Bakery

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes (plus an announcement of sorts)

I’ve been neglecting this little blog of mine like it is nobody’s business lately, and I hate that. I love this space, and I love writing here, so being as absent as I have been has killed me. Unfortunately, life has just gotten in the way. Luckily, it’s been for good reason! For those of you that don’t know already, I let out my big secret last week: I’m pregnant! Eek! C and I are super thrilled and cannot wait for March 13th (or whatever day around that time that this little guy/girl decides to show up) to get here. What does this have to do with me slacking on my blog? Well…I’ve been so freakin’ tired that all I’ve done for the past month or so is go to work, go home, go to bed, lather, rinse, repeat! Oh, and finish up my school work for the semester.

Finally, though, now that the second trimester is about to show its happy, smiling (we’re hoping, anyway!) face, I seem to have a bit of energy back. I have been cooking and baking, I just haven’t had the time to blog about it, so I am so excited to start sharing my recent adventures with you! And with that, I’ve decided to start by sharing my recipe for pineapple upside down cupcakes with you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

Every time I've ended up in the Dr. Phillips area recently, I've spotted Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza and thought about how I needed to try it the next time we went out to eat. Of course, my silly overloaded brain always forgot when the time came to choose. So, just imagine how excited I was when I got the opportunity to try them out last night! I brought my dad with me (he is a fellow foodie and also a lover of beer, so it was perfect), and I have to say, we had an absolute blast. We were overwhelmed by the quality of both the service and the food.

We had gone in planning to try two of their newer items, the roasted cauliflower pizza and the craft beers. Try those we did, but we also got to try several of their other menu items during our meal. First we sampled two of their salad options: the classic Italian salad and the mozzarella and tomato salad. This may sound silly, but I could not believe how good the Italian salad was. If I hadn't known I needed to save room for more food, I would have devoured the entire thing. It was not your normal house salad at all, as it had basics like romaine lettuce and red onion slices but was then embellished with garbanzo beans, olives (pitted!! Hooray!!), hard-boiled egg slices, and even gorgonzola cheese (on the side, and it is an extra addition; I highly suggest getting it). Not only did it have these extras, the simple vinegarette was delicious. Seriously. Freakin' AWESOME. The mozzarella and tomato salad was also wonderfully fresh tasting. I don't normally like raw tomatoes, but I ate the entire thing. The combination of the fresh (and generously sliced!) mozzarella, tomato, green pepper, and basil was perfectly balanced. Try it. Go. Now. Do it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

22nd Annual Taste of the Nation Orlando

I had the opportunity to attend the 22nd Annual Taste of the Nation event at the Orlando World Center Marriott last weekend as a local blogger, and it was an experience for which I am so glad I got the opportunity. Between the amazing food, the huge amount of participation in both the silent auction and the raffles, and the entertainment, the evening was certainly one to remember, not to mention wildly successful.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes - Recipe

I made red velvet cupcakes last weekend for my 1000 Cooks for the Cure Party (well, I attempted to make pink velvet cupcakes, actually...they came out as more fuschia-ish in the end...but I used my normal red velvet recipe for them), and I was going to include all of my party recipes in one post, but then realized that would have ended up being the world's longest post. Sooooo we're breaking it down.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Giveaway: Sandwich Showdown with! (closed)

I've never been much of a make-a-sandwich-at-home kind of girl (is that a type of girl? probably not. it is now). The ones that are made at restaurants and cafes always seem just so much better. Plus, it is so much hassle to get out all of the veggies that I want to top my sandwich, slice up just enough for one sandwich, then wrap everything back up and put it back away (see, it's really about laziness, but don't tell anyone). But back to sandwiches being better outside of my house. Everything from Thanksgiving on a roll (have you ever tried the Holiday Turkey Sandwich at The Earl of Sandwich???) to turkey, brie, green apple, and honey mustard pressed between two slices of bread at Press 101, to, well, an amazing self-designed sub from Publix, there is just nothing that compares to a good sandwich made outside the home.

Which is what brings me to my giveaway for this weekend. Today on is Sandwich Showdown day! And, because Eversave Orlando is oh so awesome, they have given me the opportunity to give one of you today's extra special sandwich save, plus $5 in Save Rewards to spend on another Save of your choosing in the next 60 days.

What Save will you win? Today, for the Central Florida area, the Sandwich Showdown Save is for Mr. Dunderbak's Bavarian Restaurant and Delicatessen in Daytona Beach. Sure, it may seem a bit far away for my fellow Orlando-ans (is that what we are? Orlandoans?), but it's summer, and you know you'll be headed to the beach at some point. Why not know that you already have lunch or dinner taken care of when you go, and that, even better, it is free?

Mr. Dunderbak's has been voted Daytona Beach's best all-around German restaurant for 17 years in a row by the Daytona Beach News Journal's Reader's Choice Awards. And when it comes to sandwiches, it seems that these guys are tops, too. The Reader's Choice Awards have also voted Mr Dunderbak's as having the best Reuben, best pastrami, and best roast beef sandwiches during that same timeframe!

Okay, I'm done gushing. I'm really wanting to try it out myself, now.

Here's how you enter:

Mandatory entry:

Tell me about the best sandwich you have ever had in the comments section, and where you had it. If you made it yourself and had it at home, that works...just be prepared for me to show up so you can make it for me, next ;)

Optional additional entries:

1. Join Eversave and leave a comment when you have done so. If you already use Eversave, leave a comment saying so. Remember, if you win the giveaway, you'll have to join to receive your prize!

2. Follow @Orlndofoodie on Twitter and tweet the following: I just entered to win a Sandwich Showdown Save from @EversaveOrl and @Orlndofoodie here: #giveaway
Then, leave a link to your tweet in the comment section.

3. Follow @EversaveORL on Twitter and leave a comment letting me know.

4. Follow OrlndoFoodie on Facebook and leave a comment when you have done so (or if you already do, just say so).

5. Follow Eversave Orlando on Facebook and, you guessed it, leave another comment.

6. Share a link to this giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you've done so.

This giveaway will last until 5pm EST on 7/24. At that point, I will choose a winner from the entries using and the winner will have 24 hours to get back to me. Please make sure your email address is attached to your comments so that I can contact you easily if you win.

AND THE WINNER IS........Rosario Michelle!!! Congrats!!! Thanks to everyone that entered :)

Disclaimer: I received $10 in Save Rewards for hosting this giveaway. However, any opinions shared are truly my own.